A s   C l o s e   A s   Y o u ' l l   E v e r   C o m e   T o  T i m e   T r a v e l.

S u p p l y i n g   t h e   w o r l d s   r a r e s t   p a r t s  f o r   t h e   w o r l d s   r a r e s t   m a r q u e s . 

A B O U T  U S.

Heroes And History grew out of a passion for great driving machines, modern classics and sports cars that really excite us; cars from a time when emission controls, noise levels, security features and endless electronics were not an issue for manufacturers.

This resulted in lightweight, agile machines that displayed great individual character, creating real feedback and emotion for the driver. That is not to say they all drove with great poise but what those models lacked in agility they certainly made up for in looks and individuality.

We take meticulous care when choosing the cars that will make it to our collection. Once a vehicle has passed our strict criteria, we set about getting it fully functioning and as close to new condition as is possible.

The car is then scrupulously inspected and road tested. Professional detailing to the exterior and interior follows, leaving the car in exceptional order before being finally released onto the market.

Our stock is owned by us which should reassure prospective clients that we back with our own money, our judgement on the quality of the items that we sell. We are one of the few independent dealers at this level to buy stock, which in turn explains how we can acquire the very best examples on offer.

The rarity and exclusivity of the type of cars and parts we deal in, obviously attracts a global audience and although we always hope to meet our clients in person, we have routinely sent cars and other items to customers "sight unseen" all over the world.

The trust our clients place in us, has led to a significant proportion of our business deriving from customer referrals and we continually strive to make the buying experience from Heroes And History something special,