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1930's Alvis Special 3.0


Every once in a while, a vehicle comes along that stops you in your tracks. This unique Alvis is one such car, wearing a body that was designed for racing in the 1930’s and brought back to life.

The original car is one of two specials built in the 1930s with this body design, the other of which is not thought to have survived World War 2.

This particular vehicle was campaigned for a time by a husband and wife team. A letter from the wife confirms their participation in various races and includes photographic evidence of the car racing wearing its original number plate EP5572.

At some stage the body was removed from the chassis and placed into storage, subsequently forgotten up until 2012.

Rather than existing as a static museum piece, the decision was made to get the shell back up and running, acquiring and restoring a 1949 Alvis TA14 chassis was the perfect fit.

The choice of chassis means that it's now road legal and so can be enjoyed to the full, though we’d really love to see it back on the track.

The (TA21) engine and 4 speed manual gearbox were also located, reconditioned and installed at a cost of almost £10,000

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It is believed that the body shell design of this car is now completely unique, even if another were to exist, we’re quite sure that you’re not likely to meet another one in this condition.

The colour had to be period correct, using the 1930s (black and white) photograph taken at Prescott race circuit for direction. The shade chosen is a Jaguar's off-white and suits the car very well, contrasting nicely with the black interior and fittings.

The car has seen very limited road testing since being completed and overall remains in excellent condition.

The newly-painted wheels are shod with new tyres and the side-mounted exhaust is carefully heat-shielded, though the passenger will still need to apply some common sense when getting in and out.

It's sure to be a head-turner wherever it goes and this car’s next owner will not be short of inquisitive new friends.

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You'd expect the upholstery to be top notch and so it proves. Mind you, there’s not a great deal of it.

Modest seats, transmission tunnel,leather-trimmed original Alvis steering and race dashboard incorporating vintage toggle switches and modern warning lights to make it as usable as possible.

There is a small cubby hole behind the seat backs for storage but, this being a race car, you’ll need to pack light.

Everything is still in pristine condition, and to keep it all protected should the weather turn, there’s also a tonneau cover.


  • 3 litre straight six Alvis TA21 engine
  • 4 speed manual gearbox
  • Fully reconditioned

Open the front hinged bonnet, E-Type style, and you’re presented with the lovely Alvis 3 litre straight six with twin carburettors.

The car behaves exactly as it should, accelerates well with smooth changes through gears and braking in a straight line.

No leaks, smoke and no unusual noises to be heard on the move, just a lovely exhaust note. Whether you’re looking to compete or simply to enjoy this car on the road, it’s ready to go.

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A very rare opportunity to acquire a freshly restored, unique vehicle that could be enjoyed on the road, taken to shows or used for competition purposes.

  • The original car is one of two specials built with this body shell, the other of which is not thought to have survived WW2.

  • The work to assemble the car was carried out by Oswestry Classic Cars.

  • Original ownership documents for the chassis are present.

  • Now road registered, it has a UK V5 and is obviously MOT exempt.